Facing you, just the sea.
From dawn till dusk, your enchantment on the sea
A sea-facing dream.
All around you, elegance and refinement.
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Welcome to Hotel Due Torri
Around you, elegance and refinement. In front of you, only the sea.
Imagine a place ... where the Mediterranean meet the precious Amalfi Coast and the blue is endless in the sky. A place where a pleasant breeze brings the scent of lemons to the room where the window is looking the sea ... and the sound of the waves is a melody ...

About Us
Halls and Terraces
From dawn till dusk, your enchantment on the sea
The two wide halls make the Hotel Due Torri the perfect location fro weddings and private events. Here, the interior decoration is thinked up to resemble the mediterranean spirit of the structure.

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It all starts with a gaze: to meet, to fall in love, to choose
Discover the exclusive and elegant environments of a fairy location, with two enchanting halls facing the sea. To fall in love with the professionalism of the Staff, who listens to the spouses to create the perfect cerimony.

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Because every experience is an emotion that you will always remember
The beauty of a vacation in the 'Costiera Amalfitana' is this, too: the unforgettable experience of exploring it, one wonderfull place at a time, between hikes facing the sea, gardens and luxury sailing trough beaches only reachable by sea.

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